April 2007 Archive

These entries were posted to the Extra Connections Ltd website in April 2007.

Good ALT Attributes

I just found a great article on what you should, and shouldn’t, put in images’ alt attributes. It’s on a site by an outfit called WebAIM, an accessibilty think tank based at Utah State University. There look to be plenty more good articles on the site for web developers who care about their work being accessible to all.

Fun with Oracle Permissions

Here’s an unexpected piece of Oracle behaviour that had me tearing my hair out last night until I figured out what was going on. It’s to do with object permissions as applied to views.

Suppose you have an oracle user called TABLE_OWNER who grants select access on his table to a role which all users have. One of those user, let’s call him VIEW_OWNER, creates a view based on that table and also grants select access on it to everybody.

Now, what happens when a third user attempts to select from the view? They get an “ORA-1031: Insufficient Privileges” error. Remember, they have select permission on both the view and the underlying table, so what’s happening?

The answer is that it’s Oracle security going a bit overboard. VIEW_OWNER has permission to see TABLE_OWNER’s table, but by creating a view of it and granting other users permission to view it, he’s effectively granting them select permission on the table. You need permission to do that, and VIEW_OWNER doesn’t have it. Curiously, this check is made when others try to select the view, rather than when the grant is made.

The solution is for TABLE_OWNER to do this:


That gives VIEW_OWNER permission to pass on the privilege, and thus other users permission to select from the view.