W3C Multipage Validator

Here’s a handy tool for making sure that your site stays within the straight and narrow. Give it the URL of your home page and click the “Index & Validate” button, and it will spider your whole site, submit each page to the W3C validator, and tell you which pages (if any) fail the test.

It’s sobering to see how many errors there are in a site that you thought you’d coded with great care to meet all the rules – but that’s what makes this tool so valuable.

Now, I’m off to fix some validation errors…

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  1. Jelle Says:

    Validator.ca doesn’t work anymore. So this is alternative tool: http://www.multipagevalidator.com

  2. bop nam Says:

    Lorelle writes about the W3C Multipage Validator. Validating markup of the entire site with the traditional validator was time consuming and usually led to skipping some pages. The multipage validator makes it very convenient. It internally uses the same validator, but indexes multiple pages of your website and reports using AJAX. You can give your feedback and contribute to the tool. A great find, thanks Lorelle!

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  16. http://www.soulduster.com/ Says:

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  19. http://www./ Says:

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  20. http://pilulesenligne.men/ Says:

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