If you think I can help you with your project, this page sets out how you can hire me.

Job Availability

I will be able to take on full time contracts from January 2015. However, I am able to undertake web design projects before that date. Feel free to get in touch.

Curriculum Vitae

You can download my CV (or resumé if you prefer) in a variety of formats. Each of these links will open in a new window:

Notes for Contract Agencies

  • As you can see from my CV, I have a range of skills in Oracle and Web development. Whilst I am capable of doing some DBA work, I’m only really interested in roles that involve at least some code development.
  • I live in Leicester and am only interested in jobs I can drive to in up to an hour. I have already worked in Milton Keynes, Loughborough, Nottingham and Solihull and could easily do so in Derby or Coventry. If your contract is significantly further afield, you’re probably wasting your time (However, I might make an exception for the right opportunity in or around the Lake District).
  • The exact rate that I look for would depend on the nature and location of the contract, but I expect to make at least £30 per hour.

If you have a contract opportunity that you think I might be interested in, or you just want to add my details to your books, please contact me.